Essential Oils

Essential Oil Terminology

You’ll see lots of strange and/or long words when browsing through essential oil reference books, and indeed on this site. Here’s a list of all the most important essential oil terminology and what it means:

Essential Oil Terminology

Analgesic – offers relief from pain.

Astringent – shrinks or contracts body tissue.

Balsamic – heals, soothes, restores.

Carminative – relieves flatulence.

Diuretic – promotes the increased production of urine.

Emmenagogue – increases menstrual flow.

Expectorant – helps clear mucus from air passages.

Hypotensive – lowers blood pressure.

Stomachic -increases appetite and aids digestion.

Styptic – stops bleeding / blood flow when applied to wounds.

Vermifuge – kills or expels intestinal worms.

Vulnerary – promotes the healing of wounds.